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Finding the Perfect Flooring for Your Shore Home

What is the best floor for your shore home? Just like your personal taste when it comes to food or music, flooring is a matter of choice. The colors, the feel and the type of aesthetics are factors in making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

However, there are some choices that we have found that work in more practical ways today to give you longer floor life and make it easier for you to keep your home cleaner.

Flooring experts recommend laminate for many areas because it simulates wood flooring but at lower cost. Available in a wide variety of wood types and plank size, wood laminates are highly durable and there are waterproof options. Think about high traffic areas and how these spots may naturally generate more dirt. Laminates are easy to clean, resist fading, and are long lasting. 

In the bath and kitchen, tile is still a top choice. Porcelain and ceramic tile are a good fit because of their functionality and stye around water. Natural colors give you a modern look that are very popular today. Vinyl flooring keeps getting better as well, and can also give you a feel of ceramic tile or stone and typically comes with a lower cost for material and installation. 

How about the great or family rooms? The warmth and feel of carpeting is what many homeowners appreciate when listening to music, entertainment or watching a movie. There’s an elegance factor to carpeting and there are so many durable types and many colors to match your shades, furniture and colors.  

The home office, which has become very important over the last few years because many of us are balancing our work from home, seems to have vinyl or wood as top choices. Vinyl is a product that has evolved the most over the last five years. You can have so many choices with vinyl to make your office floor feel like wood and in many assorted colors and textures.  

Step into the bedroom and decide if you like the feel of wood, carpeting, or maybe to make your décor complete, a little of each. Bedrooms are full of personalized choices that should make you feel comfortable. Many vinyl products give you a very close feel of more expensive choices and should be a strong consideration. Balancing our taste, functionality, and budget are typical ways to consider what determines the final choice- not just for your bedroom, but throughout your shore home. 

Remember that sand, water, and other lifestyle elements of life at the shore, along with allergies and pets, are some other factors to consider when deciding what flooring is right for you. 

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