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2021 Design Trends

Many of us spent more time at home last year than ever before. So, it’s not surprising that the hottest home design trends for 2021 celebrate life and joy, reflecting a return to happiness after a year of uncertainty and stress.

Here are some of the design trends you may see in 2021, according to the experts:

2021 Design Trends

  • Always on-trend at the Jersey shore, ocean hues also are hot in other parts of the country this year. Try aqua, inky blue, or Aegean Teal (Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year) to project tranquility, calm, and comfort.
  • The distant shores esthetic seeks to create a calm and inviting environment reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Look for contemporary floral patterns, tropical bright hues, soft lemon yellow, and Hawaiian-style greenery.
  • As its name implies, classic traditionalism is always in style. This timeless trend combines classic art, antiques, and historical pieces to bring a sense of harmony and symmetry to a space. Use soft furnishings in ornate scrolls, courtly stripes, or classic damasks to invoke the style.
  • Cottage core couples simple style with touches of glamour in a muted, pastel palette. Look for elegant vintage barware, gilded cutlery, gold accessories, quirky British statement pieces, gingham and check patterns, and vintage prints.
  • Life at the beach often includes an eye toward sustainability and environmental consciousness. Eco chic uses small-batch ceramics; understated, sustainably-made furniture, including rattan and wicker; natural, ethically sourced fabrics and textiles like linen, organic cotton, and recycled polyester; natural-fiber rugs made of coir, seagrass, sisal, or jute; and plenty of houseplants to engage the senses.
  • Look to the hometel trend to bring hotel-level luxury to your home. Try an elaborate statement headboard, bold colors, geometric patterns, playful wallpaper, art deco elements, or luxury textiles like velvet or cashmere to recreate that boutique hotel feeling at home.
  • Rustic vogue is an upscale, more polished version of shabby chic that combines comfort with character. Look for exposed beams, original flooring, paneled walls, and reclaimed wood.
  • Warm colors also are a trend to watch in 2021. They can warm up a space in the winter and project a sunny, welcoming vibe during warmer months. Look for burnt orange, golden beige, moss green, soft olive, and peacock blue playing off darker colors like grey and navy.
  • Another trend is a shift away from classic white kitchens to equally neutral black kitchen cabinetry. In houses with an open floor plan, this dramatic color choice can help define the kitchen from other living spaces. Use a more traditional Shaker-style cabinet to keep the space from looking too modern or sterile, or pair black lower cabinets with lighter upper cabinets or open shelving for a lighter look.

More Upcoming Trends

Here are some other trends to expect in 2021, according to design experts:

  • Plaster walls
  • Indigo blue or green cabinets
  • Pocket doors and French doors
  • Monochromatic walls
  • Peel-and-stick wallpaper
  • Non-matching, contemporary furniture instead of matched sets
  • Rustic, handmade ceramic tile


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